You’ve Got To Feel Sorry For ALI!!

You’ve got to feel sorry for Ali …….

…… Even if he does ‘hate Bolton’.  How we know that, I don’t know, and I would have thought that after 4 years he might have got over it.  Even with counselling.  But it’s a great song.

Why do I feel sorry for Ali, well for 2 reasons.  Ali, my wife, just doesn’t get why I get so ‘into’ and excited by Wigan Athletic.  She just can’t understand why, as she perceives it, I can’t get as passionate about other things.  I don’t know why I get so excited with little old Wigan, and I’m sure I do get very excited about other things.  I have a Wigan flag above the bed and a picture of her on my diary.

I feel sorry for Ali because sometimes, except for the second half at Cardiff, he seems so lonely.  Most of the action is happening at the other end.  Then when we score he has no one to celebrate with.  But boy oh boy, that doesn’t stop him celebrating.  His leaps, slides, air punches and general exuberance are often more joyous than those at the other end.  Next time Ali is playing and we score watch him go bonkers.  It’s often the most entertaining part of the game.

But what is it about Wigan that has me so engrossed, or as Ali says ‘obsessed’.  I still remember exactly where I was when we were 3 up in 3 minutes against Everton.  I came very close to crashing the car.  I know exactly how I felt when we beat Arsenal 2 – 1.  Two goals in such quick succession, I assumed that I was listening to a replay of the commentary on the radio.  I remember feeling so hacked off that I didn’t go with my mate to the Manure game, on the basis that there was no point as ‘we’d get stuffed’.  I remember going to the 4 – 0 at half time game against Newcastle and saying to her ‘now you get it don’t you?’ as she turned to me at the 4th goal and said ‘I can’t believe this, there are grown men crying’.  I remember my frustration at that back pass by Figs to Robles against Spurs and I never want to remember the Swansea at home game where we were given it and still we lost.  It’s the elation and the desperation ….the highs and the lows.  My mate and I call it ‘The FGF’ – Feel Good Factor and over an appropriately named beer we give it a FGF rating.

And of course I remember that odd day in May 2013 at 17.03.11

But I still don’t get why everyone hates us so much.  The BBC pundits rarely have good word for us.  Mark Lawrenson would swallow his vomit before he predicted a win.  The referees allowed goal after rotten goal, sent Connor Sammon off after 5 minutes at Old Trafford, allowed Carloza to claim a wrong penalty, didn’t worry about Kone’s foot being stamped on, THAT Blackburn ‘corner’ which was as fair as parents with a joint income of £300000 getting child benefit – as if they need it – that’s another even smarter apartment on the Algarve –  and so it went on.  All we ever heard was ‘it all balances out’.  On that basis we wouldn’t have had a call against us for the last 5 matches.

But why do I do it?  Because I feel sorry for Ali.  Without Wigan I could be a morose old git.  It’s the Wigan ‘friends’ I meet on an occasional basis at the DW or when I go ‘away’.  It’s the elation when Ali dives the wrong way but saves with his trailing foot.  It’s the sense of relief when Boyceeee puts in a defensive block which is more important than a goal and is then voted by the FA to be the BEST block ever.  It’s the atmosphere which swings from desperation to elation when Sir Ben scores.  It’s the excitement of David (apparently with a broken leg) beating goliath.  It’s vibrant, it’s colourful and it’s fun!!  It’s fun: I love the ‘Uwe Rosler doesn’t wear shorts’ song.  I’m sorry Mcmamamamum to the Muppets song never took off and I’m happy that we haven’t got around to the second verse of ‘Uw – we’, the first verse and rhythm are too difficult for me.

I felt so sorry for Ali that she didn’t come on the Empty Seats European Tour to Bruges, that she came to Maribor.  The I didn’t feel sorry for her.  But I felt sorry for Ali, ‘cos the ref wrecked the match and he wasn’t there.

I feel sorry for Ali because she seems to miss out on so much of what I think is good fun, but she could come with me if she didn’t prefer yoga.  I feel sorry for Ali because he didn’t play in the Cup Final or at Etihad, but he had a blinder of a game against Crystal Palace and Cardiff.

I think I’ve changed my mind … I don’t feel sorry for Ali at all.  She chooses not to come with me, and he enjoys his lonesome celebrations.

Look at this and it say’s it all really:

And by the way ………

In our bid to bring the excitement of the kind of things we all love so much about our weekly ventures to watch Wigan, if you feel strongly enough you may be keen to sign the attached AVAAZ petition.  Pinning my colours to the mast, which you may or may not agree with, I think it is wrong that  Israel, which isn’t in Europe is playing in Euro 2016, that it contravenes all the ‘Respect’ and ‘Kick it Out’ campaign principles, is an apartheid state and yet is allowed to come and join us.  It’s as wrong as people taking the mick out of Lord Whelan for having apparently broken his leg!  Does anyone think it right that 2 lads returning from football training are purposefully shot in the feet.  That’s their game over.  If you feel signing this is as important as Wigan winning the FA Cup again – it’d be great if you did it and then forwarded the link to all your like minded friends and put the link on your Face Book page and Twitter account.


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