Who have we got, Who have we had? Oh the Memories!! ……But where to know?


Ok, so we are going through a slightly wobbly patch, a short spell of turbulence (‘short’ is a subjective judgement), it seems like bloody eternity to me.

Things are just not feeling too good at present, so I thought I’d try to lift my mood recalling some memorable moments from the past 7 years of being a Wigan supporter.  Things like Sir Ben’s curling free kick at Cardiff.  I’ve forgotten the Swansea game.

I drove up the M6 for 3 hours on a wet windy night to then get the coach to Blackburn.  I felt kinda confident as in goal was ‘A Halal Ibis’, a trusted and well worn keeper that has only made a couple of bloopers. Ali Al Habsi voted Player of The FA Cup Fourth Round

I wont remind you of the other wet night at the DW against Reading when ‘Mid Zero Jog’ scored a hat trick for ‘Wish Van Dealer’ as a birthday present.  Anyway I digress.   ‘Zonal At Cranial’ ran from his full back position and as the corner came across the goal his cranium collided with the ball.  Heading for survival: Antolin Alcaraz (blue front) nodded Wigan into the lead three minutes from time

After the attempt of our own supporters trying to smoke us out in the tin urinal shed in the sky it was a most memorable goal.  It is for all these kind of memories that I do it; I drive for 6 hours on a wet and cold Monday evening, I’ll sit on a train for 4 hours and I’ll spend good hard earnt cash … to have fun.  And as for Venky’s poor little chicken.  Ahhhhhh shame!

Pitch invader: A chicken was released in protest against Blackburn owners, Venky's

It was that night that Wigan secured another season in the Prem, much to the disappointment of the FA, and Blackburn went to where we’d join them later.  Now I go to the ‘Swan and Station’ before the Huddersfield game and have a pint of ‘Single Hop’ hoping that that is all it will take.  It took a fluke goal and the worst reffing at the DW in 7 years to make us fed up again.  How many times does there have to be a hand ball in the penalty area before a penalty is given?  Four isn’t enough!

It was one of our first games in the Championship, at Leicester, where the sun was out, the t shirts on and the optimism was high that our visit to the lower league was transitory.  Mr Rent Robotize had left us, with the amazing glory of the FA Cup and Championship football.  Never mind, we were in the trusty hands of ‘Wee Colony’ who had proved his worth at Burnley.  After a typically shakey Wigan start we began to dominate, but they got a corner.  ‘Be Coy’ left his man who prowled in behind him, got higher than everyone else and a giraffe and powered in a header from the corner.  It was a nice day, but from there on it was downhill all the way.  Literally and metaphorically.

I was worried when it looked as if ‘Am Sir’ was going to leave us for West Brom.  Fortunately for us he failed his medical and now shelters ‘Scar On’ from the all to frequent ventures of the opposition into our penalty box.  Along with who I think is a class act ‘Sir Am’ we rely on ‘Bra tent’ to round up the oncoming attack and push the ball forward.  But ‘Sir Am’ let us down at Blackburn and belted that penalty into orbit.  Air traffic control at Manchester still hasn’t seen it on their radar.

What of the future?  So many good players have left.  I really liked ‘One Zips A’ ball in from anywhere, but he’s gone after not having been used enough.  For me, although Callum was good, Zap Noise was Man of the Match in the FA Cup Final.  It all went wonky when he cut his hair!

Roger Espinoza and his Wigan squad topped Manchester City to win the 2013 FA Cup.

‘A Humanely Son’ put his left foot in, put his right foot out and so it went on.  He never got used enough and so he went on to colder but no doubt more lucrative climes.  After years of corners going everywhere but the six yard box, sometimes even Billinge, ‘Many Ole’ started getting them where they should go, and in May 2013 he got it exactly where it should have gone, with a little help from his friend ‘Sat Won’; it was a Saturday and we WON!!  http://www.wiganlatics.co.uk/news/article/ben-watson-message-goodbye-wigan-athletic-fans-2224868.aspx

And as for ‘Honey Manuals’ goal against Manure … it was sweet!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pypCgKOiT8

So where to now?  We’ve also lost ‘Mr Ed Zoo (who just) Jigs’ around.  But he put some class passes in, and now he plies his trade in the North east.

Making up for all the ground that used to be covered by the ‘old boys’ we now have ‘ME Cancel Jams’, and hec! Once he’s got a head of steam up he’s off, cancelling all potential jams of every sort in his way!  The season is more than half way through and he is the top scorer with 5 goals.  More to come now that he is playing as an outright attacker!

At last! After months of a single striker we now have ‘A Lady Rodent’, 


A Containment Furore’ and ‘Mr Grant Anyhow’ looking more of a threat as the season goes on.  There is hope.

Is there hope?  I now hear ‘Calm Clam Am Man Nun’ is pushing off to pastures new.  Thanks for your weaving, ducking, diving, dancing and hmmmmmm dodgy tackles. 

But in his place we now have Danish International ‘Villa Swim Kit’ who is going to easily make up for the recent losses.  MOM for both Blackburn and Huddersfield games.  And whilst he hasn’t yet scored like he did against ManCity a year ago, ‘Mr Cash Jeep’ and ‘Bra Tent’ are making the defence tighter and less leaky by the game feeding some great balls up to ‘Mr Cinch Cans’.

And what’s more Wigan are in that select group of teams who have been on a European Tour, the evidence is there, in a small cafe attached to the end of some ones house in a remote village about 20 miles north of Maribor.DSC02596  There in its glory is a Wigan scarf next door to the signed shirt of local boy.  Rene Krhin (born 21 May 1990) is a Slovenian footballer, who plays for Serie A club Internazionale. He is a current Slovenia international.  He played or Inter Milan.  Rene Krhin - Inter Mailand (1).jpgAnd if you don’t believe me  … a photo may follow when I find it, or you could go and see for yourself!!          SEE There it is!!                                     View Full Size Image

I’ll still keep going; I enjoy the fun and craic I get involved in around my friends in East Stand; I love my treat of mushy peas and chips and I enjoy trying to encourage a win by drinking appropriately named beer.  Every game I wear the same ‘lucky’ clothes but I think I’ll need a new wardrobe soon.  And let’s not forget the MIDWIFE!!



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