How are Supporting Cashpoint SC, a Prostitute, travelling in Darjeeling, visiting the WC and WAFC all connected?

How are supporting Cashpoint SC, a Prostitute, travelling in Darjeeling, visiting the WC and WAFC all connected?


From the title you may well assume I may have experience of all or some of the above, but I don’t. I just don’t know what’s going on ………..

No. I don’t want any of you to assume I’ve got the experience of a prostitute, that I have ever watched the Austrian club Cashpoint FC or travelled in Darjeeling.  I have watched a bit of Wigan Athletic, although not as much as a lot of you, and I have visited the WC.  The latter, make of it what you will … you’ve already assumed it is the WC and not Wigan Central.

One of the problems with watching my dear Wigan this season is I haven’taclue who anyone is.


It’s a bit like being the new starter I was on 15 August 2007 when Wigan beat Middlesborough 1 – 0. And I still can’t remember who scored, but I think Chris Kirkland may have been in goal and the sun was out.

The guy I sat next to at Coventry reliably told me that from the squad of last season there are only 6 left, and only 2 from last season on the pitch.


The goalkeeper made some stunning saves against Doncaster, and I don’t even mind that for most of the game I thought he was called Donnervon.  Do you really need to know the true name of the ‘escort’ you have employed; isn’t having a great time the most important?

images - Copyjason-donervan

imagesOK, I’m a bore and I’ve never used a prostitute but I assume you can have all the experience in the world and score every time, except during the Coventry and Doncaster games no one scored.  It may not be necessary to know who you are being entertained by but all the same having a very good time is up there with being essential.  However, if it isn’t a success I guess you rarely get a refund.  Already there seem to be some similarities emerging between WAFC and the prostitute.


Yes, there are look-alikes and name-alikes in the new look Wigan squad. _83125027_david_perkins Deisel Perkins looks just like that engine in mid-field powerhouse – Sir Ben Watson  314318_1and moves like Shaun Maloney.

For a short while I decided to support the Austrian club ‘Cashpoint Point SC’, it just seemed that any team with such a name was crying out for help and support.  SCRA_Stadion_Flugaufnahme_1I knew nothing about them and none of the team.  They lost against Admira.  So what, I knew nothing about them except they have a nice little ground and stadium and cash points, and we are told that like Wigan they have limited and a finite amount of money.images

So there is another similarity between the two.

It does help me that that fella who is able to make those defence splitting slide rule passes down the left flank looks remarkably like a certain Spaniard who took memorable penaltiesGoal! 1 - 0 Wigan and scored a memorable hat trick against Reading on Lord DW’s birthday, I seem to remember he was called Jordi Gomez.images   I think the new fella is called Jordi Reece James and hales from a suburb of Barcelona not far from Bacup.imagesAll of a sudden we have a real Jordi but from Huddersfield and not Newcastle to add to the confusion.chesterfield-2-wigan-athletic-3-jordy-hiwula-celebration-373-2671834_478x359

imagesDarjeeling, like Wigan, is not far from the foothills of some very beautiful mountains and both are in the in the northern areas of their respective countries, with trains passing through.imagesimages

From the Facebook page of Darjeeling FC comes “Team played really well today….its was very entertaining & thrilling 4 – 5 goalfest semi-final against Dali Football Club”.images

Sounds similar to a certain game against either Newcastle United at home, or Chesterfield away.  The difference is that Darjeeling FC lost, and I’ve forgotten about the Spurs and Chelski goalfests.

imagesNow, the WC.  About the only similarity I can find between Wigan FC and the WC is that frequently shit happens in both, and usually by the end of the experience there is a greater sense of relief.  However, if you go to the WC, Wigan Central, that is, pre match, there is only 1 certainty and that is that you‘ll drink beer, just like when you go to WAFC you likely see football. What you are not sure of is what beers they’ll have on, or what kind of football you’ll see.


The thing is watching WAFC this season, with it’s totally new squad and manager is like the prostitute, visiting the WC, supporting Cashpoint FC and travelling in Darjeeling………..I know none of them, I know nothing about what goes on with any of them but all of them probably include an element of surprise, the unknown and hopefully a pleasurable and satisfactory outcome!!  USUALLY!!??

But who is this guy?images

or this chap .images

But the one thing that is consistent is all the enthusiastic mates who still turn up, the beer we drink, 900000002274the chips GetAttachmentwe eat and the blinkin’ good time we have.wiganfans_2847091a1IMG_2368



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