Wigan Athletic – The Movie ……

Are we glad DW didn’t say he’d wear just his boxers for a season?
Wigan v Leicester. There’s a good film in the making…………..

We all know that ‘the other’ Gary (Lineker) said that if Leicester won the Premiership he’d present MOTD in his boxers. It’s not the greatest evening entertainment and Gary in his boxers is unlikely to add to it.

Image result for boxer shorts for men

I’m glad that Sharpie didn’t say he’d only wear his briefs if we got promoted this season, and that DW would parade in his Jock strap (the one in which he broke his leg; remember that?) if Wigan stayed in the Prem for more than 1 season and that he didn’t ask Mrs DW to sit next to him in her Barbadian bikini if we won the cup.

bikini woman                                                               jock s
Leicester have done well. No one can deny that. When you’ve worked out a game plan, developed a strategy and then play as a team, who needs so called ‘stars’ like Rooney and the thug from Chelski.

costa                                            rooney
So Leicester were in the Prem for 1 season and looked to Wigan for inspiration to see how you avoid the drop with only 5 games to go. Then they stayed up thanks to some hints from Roberto and then carried on to stay at the top of the Prem since about the 5th game for the season. Everyone is amazed, a film with Robert De Niro playing Ranieri and Tom Cruise playing Vardy is being planned. On a small budget it is a remarkable achievement.
But tell me, after a ‘skin of their teeth’ escape and a season at the top why is everyone going on about it so much, and yet no one has mentioned the amazing achievements of WAFC.

Despite winning the FA Cup no one has said a film should be made with Danny De Vito playing Roberto.

de vito                                     roberto

Despite having the smallest ground at the time, and smallest fan base and smallest budget no one has said Julie Walters should play Brenda. Despite being in the Prem for 8 years, yes, with some exciting great escapes, no one has said that Sean Connery should play Dave Whelan. Despite scoring a goal that always comes up as one of the FA Cup ‘greats’ no one has suggested Ben Watson should play Ben Watson or Michael B Jordan should play Boyceeeeeeeeeee for being so great with Joseph. No one has suggested that Ben Kingsley should play Uwe for getting us to the Championship play – offs and FA Cup semi-final in the same season. Least of all no one has suggested that Tom Hardy should play Will Grigg for being the top scorer in the league or that Jake Gyllenhaal should play Gary Caldwell for getting us out of the first division on the first attempt with a completely new team. Most of all no one has suggested Anna Paquin should play Becky, because she is simply the best at ‘front of house’ reception.  Yanic would be played by a cheetah.

2011 Summer TCA Tour - Day 2  connery  hardy jordan  kingsley  gyllenm  Cheetah_run
We haven’t seen any significant and ‘stand out’ fans with Leicester have we? But Wigan has it’s stars in the terraces. Chunk will play himself. There are those who, despite illness, still turn up to every game possible and monitor all progress of every game from where ever they are in the World on The Latics Wall, with ‘Nick’. The Doctor will be played by Keifer Sutherland and Nick, host of the Latics ‘International Wall’ by Bill Neighy.

keifer  article-2616281-1D74F05500000578-577_634x363

Negotiations are already under way with Ken Loach, Mike Leigh and Stephen Speilberg.
Surely there are greater reasons for us all to wear our boxers than for ‘the other’ Gary (Lineker) to do so.


Are our achievements not greater than Leicester’s? They’ve got another 7 years to prove themselves before you’ll see my boxers because of them. We’ve got a bloody good film ahead of us.

BY6CZW-IQAAlEpA  2012-04-11-002  Goal! 1 - 0 Wigan (1)2

But I do hope they win the prem, and I do wish someone other than me, like the other Gary, would compare their achievements to ours …… and see that the mighty Wigan have done blinkin’ well. Will Gary mention us in his boxers on MOTD??

And why will this have mass appeal?  Because we know from match day ‘Latics Wall’ there are regular contributors from NZ, Darwen in Australia, Malta, Hong Kong, Iceland, Norway, Patterdale, Seville, Croatia, Canada, USA and possibly Bermuda.


(Shall we all wear boxers for the Barnsley, or the first game of next season)?


6 thoughts on “Wigan Athletic – The Movie ……

  1. Leicester City are going to win the Premier League. Narrowly avoiding the drop year after year because the club sold the best players is not an achievement is it ? Leicester got Vardy to sign a new contract whereas someone at Wigan would have had stuck stamps on his head ready for the highest bidder.

    • You are right in everything you say, but this was written with tongue in cheek, it was meant to be light hearted. I’m sorry if I have up set you at all. I have said that I think Leicester have done really well. Congrats to them. I hope upon hope they win the Prem. Read some of my other whitterings if you can be bothered and you’ll get a hint of my style.

    • Thanks Dan. Have a look … the photo substantiates that Danny DV is a good look alike!! What do your Hollywood friends reckon …. It’s all a larf! eh. Love your website.

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